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Hero Machine-Create custom superheroes with unique characteristics and powers
Teachers' Domain- Digital media for the classroom. - You need to log in weekly to blog about what you've been reading each week.  I will post questions for you to answer.  Want to extend your learning?  Respond to other friends posts!
artsnacks - You can make your own animated cartoon here!  It's a blast and let's you use your imagination. - Here you can make free 30 second videos using pictures and video clips.

-  Forget about Power Point!  Prezi is an amazing way to present your information.

How to create a Prezi.doc

Wordle Logo

- Create a word cloud using your own text.  Want to make a word larger?  Use it over and over again in your text.

*No login or password is necessary to use this site. - This site is similar to Wordle, only you can put your words into more specific shapes.  Give it a try!
*No login or password is necessary to use this site. - Similar to tagxedo, but it will link you to other sites based on the words you use. - Want a new way to create a scrapbook-like poster?  Use this site for your next book report!

  Upload a picture, record your voice and you can make your picture talk! - Pick a photo from the site and then type your words on top of it.  Great for spelling projects! - Upload your own picture, then begin adding words, frames, sticker and more!  Another fun idea for spelling and writing projects. - We will be using this site weekly to learn and practice keyboarding and other technology skills.
*Login necessary - Need to figure out what a word means?  Tired of using the same words over and over?  Type in your word and see all kinds of connections.
*No login or password is necessary to use this site.







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