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 The Day I Was Born Project Web Hunt

1.  How many days old are you?  
2.  The moon looks different each day of the year.  What did it look like the day you were born?
To find the phase of the moon, look at the different phases on this link and compare to your moon.  Choose the one that looks most like your moon and record it on your data sheet.
3. Locate a great author who shares your birthday.  Realize that most authors are adults & so they will not share your exact birthday. You"ll find an author who shares the same birthday with you but who was born in a different year.
Try this site: Author Birthday Directory.  Once you find your author, do a Google search to see what literary work they are famous for.
4.  How much did things cost?  Choose quicklink
5.  What events in history happened on your birthday?
History Channel

Who shares your birthday?

6.  What TV shows were people watching?  Top 10   TV Guide covers
7. On the day you were born you were probably given toys by those who loved you. This site should help you recall some of your earliest toys.  Write about a toy you remember.
8.   What was playing at the movies?  Find a movie from your birth year, read about it and record it in your own words.
9. What does your name mean? Your parent"s very carefully chose the name you would carry for the rest of your life. But what does it mean?
10. Just for fun!  The ancient Vikings used a form of writing called "Runes" Find out what your name would look like if you were a Viking baby.



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